On the south coast at Muyuni village you will experience the real life of local people and their traditional believe about a century ago. Magic Tour is a special tour by Palm Tours to inspire our clients by gaining the traditional healing as a matter of believing spirits in treatment and life opportunities.

You will see how the spiritual drumming is believed in this community and it is always done. There a cave has a very long history as a place where spirits live. Apparently it is connected to many other caves along the coast. It is also one of the coastal caves where people hid out in the 1964 revolution. In this very ancient and frightening cave the villagers believe that all powerful spirits are found there. The special clothes whith different colors blue, red, white or black depend of the type of the spirit that they want to call.

After the drumming, the witch doctor will predict the source of your problem and the treatment should be well provided. If they believe in spirits, the clients will also have a chance to present their problem in a context of remedy. Then you will also get a chance to walk around the village to discover the life of these people, with their daily local activities such as food grinding and weaving.

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