Zanzibar’s first and only National Park is centred on Jozani Forest. A walk through this impressive flora and fauna is one of the highlights Zanzibar has to offer. Jozani has an excellent nature trail and the guides are well trained and informative.

This forest is one of the last remaining sanctuaries in the world of the Red Colubus Monkey. They were an endangered species, but numbers have increased in recent years thanks to conservation work by the nature reserve working closely with the local people. It is estimated that there are now between 2,000-2,500 monkeys. The monkeys are wild, but it is possible to get close to them and they carry on their normal activities as though human visitors do not exist.
Wonderful photo opportunities and sightings of these rare creatures living in the forest reserves are possible on the pathways. As well as many rare plant and bird species in one of the only forests left in Zanzibar. Other inhabitants of the forest include Civit cats, Bush Babies, Jumping Shrew, Red and Grey Squirrels and the Elephant Shrew. At Jozani, you will also visit the Mangrove swamp and walk around the Mangrove forest.

Transport Entrance Fees
NOTE Jozani Forest can be combined with the Jambiani Village Tour, the Spice Tour or the Dolphin Tour