Hotels Zanzibar

Stone Town Suburb

The best place to start your visit on Zanzibar is one of the beautiful hotels in Stone Town, the old city and cultural heart of Zanzibar. Palm Tours recommends you two-night stay here with a stay on one of the beautiful Indian Ocean beaches. Stone Town is an easy place to explore on foot; you never need to travel by vehicle. The heart of Zanzibar Town, Stone Town, was constructed during the 19th century and remains largely unchanged. Labyrinths of narrow alleys lead to palaces, mosques and old Arab houses; tiny shops sell dotted tinga-tinga paintings, Zanzibari clocks and heavily adorned chests. The early-morning market on Creek Road is fabulous, as determined Zanzibaris haggle over fragrant spices, exotic fruit and enormous fish.

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Fumba Beach Lodge

Located just 30 minutes southwest of Stone Town, Fumba Beach Lodge is concealed well away from the busy tourist areas,

Mbweni Ruins Hotel

Set in botanic gardens by the ocean, Mbweni Ruins Hotel, 10 minutes from Stone Town or the airport is an

Zanzibar Beach Resort

Discover Zanzibar Beach Resort where friendship begins, true hospitality has always been the fabric of the Resort. Situated on the